Buying property in Hanoi

Buying property in Hanoi

The estimated capital injection into the Vietnamese property market reached US$5bn, mainly foreign direct investment (FDI). The British Virgin Islands for example invested almost $2.7 billion in Vietnam, while Singapore pledged $2.2 billion. The increasing interest in the city meant property prices in Hanoi tripled. New apartments in Hanoi were being snapped up for $80,000 but by the summer this rocketed to $240,000. Continue reading “Buying property in Hanoi”

Government Encouragement Sought For Landlord Entrepreneurs

The Association of Residential Landlords (ARLA) says the forthcoming budget is an “open goal” for the Chancellor to encourage investment in the UK’s private rented sector (PRS) and support growth in the economy. In ARLA’s budget submission, the body has urged the government to support this growth by removing prohibitive barriers to further investment. This article shows how the government and other bodies recognise and support the private rented sector; and how the continuing growth and high demand underpins investor security in the PRS market.

Tax system can be used to incentivise PRS investment

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